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Team Effectiveness Workshop

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The Challenge
Leading a team is as easy as ABC or 123!
Some may agree, others may say that there is more to it than that and once you understand some keys to unlocking the team potential, you can leverage off the individual and collective potential.
We are currently navigating our teams on ‘white water’ to use the analogy of the vessels on a sea of performance. Living through the Covid crisis has highlighted the importance of effective collaboration for long-term commercial success.  Particularly in a crisis, organizations need teams to pull together with perspectives to solve rapidly changing, complex problems that have long-term implications.  Creating high performing teams requires an astute awareness of the keys to unlocking the team’s effectiveness so that it can generate new solutions and adapt dynamically to changing situations.
Why this course?
This course is packed with information that is packaged in a practical way to maximise your learning. Within each session you can expect a dynamic set of tools, models, examples and tips.

  • eight specific keys that unlock team’s potential
  • explore using a coaching approach in leading a team
  • factors that drive motivation for themselves and for the team as a whole
  • develop tools to build individual resilience and team agility in change
  • discover ways to promote collaboration to ignite the team’s best thinking to solve problems and rally together with shared goals
  • develop inclusive practices that build cohesion and allow for effective managing of conflict in teams

evaluate and build habits to optimize individual and team capacity

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20 September 2021
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ICAP Training Solutions is a pioneer in online learning for the financial services industry in Africa. We offer a series of well-constructed, user-friendly courses designed to upskill people operating at all levels – from management to sales, and front- to back-office environments.  All our eLearning courses can be accessed on the learner’s device of choice – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once registered, learners work through courses at their own pace, in their own time. All courses are supported on the website.


All structured learning has a theoretical base but research and experience have taught us that practical learning is easier as information is more quickly absorbed and applied in the workplace. We offer a range of simulated banking and financial work situations that have been tested and proven to be of significant benefit to participants. Our ‘real-life’ simulations are based on the integration of research, mathematical probabilities, and actual scenarios.


Our face-to-face workshops are interactive in nature, with case studies and class exercises to keep delegates engaged and enhance the learning experience. You can either join a scheduled public workshop, where you can interact with delegates from various organisations within your field or we can run any of these workshops in-house at your premises. With in-house workshops, we can tailor the workshop to meet your specific needs, with our facilitators working directly with you to customise the course.

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ALM practical application Simulation – April 2019

“The training was very informative with regards teaching me to clearly understand the client’s needs, and offering various scenarios and products that will befit the client”
Bank One Mauritius

Bank One Mauritius

Head of Treasury

ACI Dealing Certificate , Online Blended Solution June 2019

“The facilitator was very informative and patiently addresses questions”

Amana Bank Tanzania

Treasury Sales Dealer

Treasury Sales – June 2019

“If you want to stand out of the crowd, this is the workshop that you should attend”

MAU bank Mauritius

Treasury Dealer

ACI Dealing Certificate – July 2018

“I’ve participated in many training sessions – this was the most dynamic.”

Standard Chartered bank Botswana


Technical Analysis Masterclass – September 2018

“Learnt about new progressive technology and gained a better understanding of Technical Analysis & Charts”

Stanbic Bank Kenya

Equity Bank Uganda

Treasury Sales, March 2016

“The workshop leader was eccentric, fun, and very knowledgeable. I’ve learned feasible sales tactics and unique sales techniques”

Equity Bank Uganda

Sales Dealer

Digital Marketing, April 2016

“It is very informative and it taught me new tactics on digital marketing”

Mercedes-Benz SA

Database / Web Administrator

ACI Operations Certificate, May 2016

“Just what I needed for my career.”

MAU bank Mauritius

Treasury Dealer

Bond Accounting, April 2016

“Bearing in mind that I come from a completely different background, the course was a huge revelation to activities and scenarios mired in the understanding of bond semantics.”

CRDB Bank, Tanzania

Core System Admi

Basel III, June 2016

“Well presented. Facilitator with vast expertise in both practical and theory practices vis a vis current business trends.”

Internal Audit

African banking Corporation Kenya

Basel III, April 2016

“Very practical and realistic scenarios used to further explain the theory behind the course and really drilled down to address my actual organisation’s requirements.”


Banc ABC

Introduction to Derivatives, April 2016

“The course demystified the financial jargon and gave us a better understanding of what we test.”

IT Manager


ALM, Setember 2016

“It makes one a better risk manager, covers all areas of the Bank and stimulates one’s interest in Banking. The presenter covers more than what’s on the course objectives to bring everyone to the same understanding.”

Banc ABC Botswana

Banc ABC Botswana

Fixed Income, Sept 2016

“The workshop provided me with a clearer understanding of concepts relating to my daily responsibilities.”

Principal Dealer

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

AML & KYC, February 2016

“Very informative & would recommend it to my colleagues.”


Standard Bank Namibia

AML & KYC, February 2016

“Highly recommended. Provides great insight from a global perspective.”

Head: Legal & Compliance

Old Mutual Namibia


“Detailed subject matter and good examples”

Head of Internal Audit

Standard Bank Namibia

Market Risk, March 2014

“The workshop is excellent as per my expectation.”

Lawrence Ogunyemi,

Ecobank Limited, Nigeria

Market Risk, March 2014

“It is a compressed end-to-end market risk course that enlightens you on quite a number of aspects.”

Adrian Kayongo

DFCU Bank, Uganda