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The Bank Management Simulation Program provides participants with a broad perspective on the business of banking. By taking on the role of the management team of a virtual bank for the duration of four financial quarters, participants of the Battle of the Banks (BOTB) become familiar with the products and the activities of a full-service bank. The program consists of a combination of two parts: a conceptual part and a practical part

  • Round 1 ends 15 June 2022
  • The top teams from round 1 are invited to participate in the final round where finalists compete against one another, starting with a new balance sheet for a further 2 quarters and then do a virtual presentation to “a Supervisory Board”, where after the winners will be announced.
  • Round 2 FINAL Supervisory Board presentation is on 22 June 2022


ICAP Training Solutions is a pioneer in online learning for the financial services industry in Africa. We offer a series of well-constructed, user-friendly courses designed to upskill people operating at all levels – from management to sales, and front- to back-office environments.  All our eLearning courses can be accessed on the learner’s device of choice – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once registered, learners work through courses at their own pace, in their own time. All courses are supported on the website.


All structured learning has a theoretical base but research and experience have taught us that practical learning is easier as information is more quickly absorbed and applied in the workplace. We offer a range of simulated banking and financial work situations that have been tested and proven to be of significant benefit to participants. Our ‘real-life’ simulations are based on the integration of research, mathematical probabilities, and actual scenarios.


Our face-to-face workshops are interactive in nature, with case studies and class exercises to keep delegates engaged and enhance the learning experience. You can either join a scheduled public workshop, where you can interact with delegates from various organisations within your field or we can run any of these workshops in-house at your premises. With in-house workshops, we can tailor the workshop to meet your specific needs, with our facilitators working directly with you to customise the course.

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