Treasury Sales

Level: Introductory  

Learning path:  

Prerequisite courses 

  • Financial Mathematics 
  • An Intro to Derivatives 
  • Fundamentals of the Forex Market 
  • Fundamentals of the Fixed Income Market 
  • Fundamentals of the Money Market 

Post course learning path: 

  1. Equivalent courses: 
  1. Advanced Courses: 
  • ACI Operations Certificate 
  • FX & Interest Rate Options 
  • Swaps, Options & Futures 
  • ACI Dealing Certificate 
  • Asset & Liability Management 


Target Audience: The course will be extremely valuable to the following people: 

  • Front Office Sales at Banks 
  • Treasury and Trade Solutions Sales Staff  
  • Operations staff moving into a Front Office role 
  • Support areas (such as credit, legal and compliance) 
  • Corporate Treasury Staff 

Duration: 3hours 

Learning Outcomes The aim of this workshop is to provide an understanding of the link between banks and a client treasury function and covers: 

  • Client Relationship Management 
  • Understanding the Client Treasury Function 
  • Baseline Product Knowledge 
  • A Practical Approach to Client Management 
  • The Impact of FX On a Business 
  • Practical Example of Interest Rate Risk Management 
  • FX Transaction & Translation Risk Hedging 
  • Commodity He

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