Battle of the Banks (Team of 4)

Game plan:
● Registration Deadline 23 June 2021
● Competition starts 07 July  2021

● The top 5 teams from round 1 are invited to participate in the final round where finalists run a
further 4 quarters online and then do a virtual presentation to “a Supervisory Board”, where
after the winners will be announced.
● Round 1 finishes 25 August 2021
● Final round finishes 2 October 2021
Battle of the Bank$
Fundamentals of Bank Management Simulation Training
The competition
The Bank Management Simulation Program provides participants with a broad perspective on the business of
banking. By taking on the role of the management team of a virtual bank for the duration of four financial quarters,
participants of the Battle of the Banks (BOTB) become familiar with the products and the activities of a full-service
bank. The program consists of a combination of two parts: a conceptual part and a practical part.
• The conceptual part includes discussions, case studies and examples on several theoretical and practical
aspects of general and financial management in a full-services bank and is conducted and facilitated via
webinar. The live webinars are highly interactive as participants can ask questions and receive answers
immediately. All webinars are recorded and made available to all delegates.
• The practical part includes the running of an online virtual bank by each team. All decision-making using the
Probanker Simulation Program is facilitated online using a dedicated Simulation Portal designed for this
Whilst interacting with the banking simulation that is close to reality, participants get to experience the impact
that the economy, regulations as well as the competition have on the financial performance of a bank. Decisions
are also made on the mitigation of some key risks facing banks today. The simulation program provides a powerful
and engaging learning experience set in the context of the current banking environment. Participants develop skills
and insights focusing on what it takes to manage a full-service bank successfully in today’s competitive and volatile
Key Learning Objectives
After having completed the Battle of the Banks training program, you will:
• Have a broad overview of the Financial Services Sector
• Have an understanding of the impact of changing economic conditions
• Have an enhanced understanding of the different activities that are typically performed by a full-services
• Have an enhanced understanding of the key decisions taken by the management team (Exco) in a bank
through inter alia the ALCO process
• Have an overview of how different areas of the business interact to produce overall business and financial
• Have an enhanced understanding of the key risks faced by banks today
• Be more familiar with the different types of financial statements that reflect profitability as well as the key
performance measures used in banking
Who Should Participate?
The program is ideally suited to the training of the following persons:
• Mid- to Junior level management
• Young bank executives who need to expand their overall understanding of the management of a bank
• Personnel from Finance, Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance who need to expand their
understanding of the key activities and products in a bank
• Newly appointed personnel
• Non-banking professionals active in the financial services sector who need to be familiar with the
complexities of management in financial institutions

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