Credit Risk Analysis, Cash Flow Forecasting and Debt Structuring

In the wake of the global financial crisis the international banking regulators in Basel have increasingly emphasised the need for corporate bankers to focus principally on the future cash flows generated by their corporate clients, as their principal source of debt repayment.  

This greater move toward a reliance on future cash flows and away from the securitisation of loans by the fixed assets of the client to protect the bank’s exposure, has meant that bankers need to develop a detailed knowledge of the future cash flow forecasting and cash flow sensitivities as a central part of their credit risk analysis and debt structuring.  

This online cash flow forecasting and debt structuring module has been designed to simulate a highly applied workshop, where corporate credit bankers will work through the case studies of major corporate clients to assess their cash flow statements, use them to forecast the corporate client’s ability to honours its debts in the future and to use cash flows in the debt structuring of company debt.  

 By using ICAP’s highly interactive online training platform, delegates will have direct, real time access to the expert training coordinator with whom they will work through the programme’s cash flow analysis and forecasting exercises and case studies. This will allow the delegates to discuss their cash flow case study and debt structuring solutions and to pose individual questions regarding subject matter to the trainer, in real time. In addition to this real time direct trainer access, delegates will also receive a post course recording of the live training and discussions, to which they will be able to return, time and again for revision purposes. 

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