Balance Sheet Management (ALM) in an unpredictable future

The online “BALANCE SHEET MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM”, designed by  ICAP Training Solutions, is used by banks in the training of their personnel. With the use of an online ALM Simulation Program, we’ve turned this training program into an intensive and practical learning experience. The workshop provides participants with a solid understanding and overview of the Asset & Liability Management (ALM) function and processes within a full-services bank. 

In this highly interactive training program participants explore the key challenges banks face today in the optimization of the balance sheet of a bank. Due to uncertain business conditions, escalating regulations and changing business models for banks, Balance Sheet Management has moved to the forefront of the financial landscape. During the program the key aspects of Balance Sheet Management are covered with a particular focus on Capital Management as well as the new “Global Liquidity Standard”. Where appropriate the implications of Basel lll and Basel IV are discussed and analysed.  


The workshop combines theoretical training describing and explaining many of the specific ALM concepts involved with a hands-on application via an internet based simulator. This simulator is one of the most advanced and comprehensive available anywhere in the world and has been used by a large number of internationally renowned banks. The ALM simulation program used is called GuardB@nk 3 which depicts a full-services bank operating within a competitive environment. 

Basic knowledge in risk management, control and statistics is required.  



Key Features Overview 

The blended learning program consists of three parts: modules 1 & 2 being conceptualand module 3 incorporating a practical simulation. 

The conceptual modules include discussions and exercises on several theoretical and practical elements of the Balance Sheet Management function. 

The practical module involves the making of various management decisions as well as the management of the ALM function using an online ALM Simulator, called GuardB@nk 3.   


Key Learning Objectives 

After attending the blended program you will be able to: 

  • Explain the Balance Sheet Management (ALM) process in a bank 
  • Recognise and understand how these ALM concepts affect day-to-day decision-making in a bank 
  • Better identify and analyse a bank’s exposure to the key sources of risk  
  • Identify the various strategies and frameworks that banks employ to control risks within specified limits  
  • Assess the structure and dynamics of a Balance Sheet to determine whether the structure is aligned with the strategy of the bank  
  • Better interpret the Balance Sheet of a bank as well as being able to identify the key drivers of performance 


Who Should Attend? 

The program provides a unique learning experience for professionals from the following areas: 

  • Central Bankers 
  • Chief Financial Officers and personnel from Finance 
  • Compliance personnel 
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Members of ALCO in a bank 
  • Personnel in Risk Management 
  • Personnel that form part of the Balance Sheet Management (ALM) support function in a bank 
  • Strategic and Capital Planning Executives 
  • Treasures and personnel in Treasury 


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