Fundamentals of the Forex Market

Fundamental building blocks of the Foreign Exchange market.

The foreign exchange market spans the globe with trading taking place every working hour of the week, from Sydney, across the globe to New York. Overlapping time zones mean that, apart from weekends, there is always one centre open. According to the Bank of International settlements it records an estimated turnover of more than $5 trillion per day (2013).

This course introduces you to the fundamental building blocks of the Foreign Exchange market, exposing you to the spot market, cross rates, forward exchange contracts, influencing factors on the Forex market as well as a sneak preview of swaps.

  • Module 1 – Introducing the Forex market
  • Module 2 – The spot market
  • Module 3 – Factors influencing exchange rates
  • Module 4 – Cross rates
  • Module 5 – Forward exchange Contracts
  • Module 6 – Swaps

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