eLearning, by its nature, overcomes many of the challenges of conventional classroom-type learning situations.

Budget constraints

An ever-growing percentage of training budget is spent on entry-level courses, and with an introductory ACI course costing around $1,600 per day excluding travel and accommodation costs, there is less budget available for further staff development.  This limits the variety of courses available to banks and affects the retention of ambitious, high-potential candidates.


With the average length of a training course between three and five days time out of the office translates into productivity lost.

Transitory training

Because a huge amount of work is covered in just three to five days, knowledge retention is low. There is also no support once the training is complete and no on-going education.

Learner Management Control

How does the organisation manage and measure the ROI of the training?


By how much knowledge they have gained?

Staff Members

By which staff member is showing strengths that are not being recognised?


By which staff member is weak in certain areas?

Advantages of eLearning


Education and training anywhere, any time and at any pace.

Unlimited usage

Material is available to every staff member ensuring continuous education and up-skilling of staff members at a click of a button

Unique Learning Management System (ULMS)

Each corporate has its own virtual hosting environment setup which is branded accordingly ensuring personal, protection and monitoring capabilities

Backend Reporting

allows you to track each staff member in each department in terms of:

Course Choice

Course Progress

Course Results

Time Spent on course Material

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