20 August Practice round
27 August Competition Starts

Battle of the Banks Online Bank Risk Management Competition is an action based learning tool for young bankers (2-7 years experience) across Africa.

The aim of the competition is to educate Africa’s young bankers on how to best manage a bank’s risk through gaining insight into how the different areas of the business interact to enhance overall business and financial performance, and how key macroeconomic indicators impact the decision-making process in a bank. Participants are exposed to the challenges of risk management strategies, corporate governance and business ethics.

The program is unique, with the simulated environment and competition element encouraging Africa’s Young Bankers to get involved, learning from the online training workshops, and interacting with their colleagues in their quest for knowledge, and to lift the title of Africa’s best Bankers.

What previous contestants had to say about the competition:

  • “I’ve been in Banking for close to 10 years, and didn’t know that there was so much I didn’t know about the rest of the bank, or why my CEO makes the decisions he makes! But after going through the Battle of the Banks, I now understand the reasoning.”

  • “The experience gained couldn’t be taught in any classroom.”

  • “A great learning opportunity, getting to interact with and learn from colleagues you wouldn’t normally interact with.”

  • “Battle of the Banks touches on every single challenge in the banking industry.”

  • “I’d recommend that banks use Battle of the Banks to train their staff immediately after induction education programs.”