This course provides a detailed overview of the history of the Basel Accords and how they evolved from 1998 to what became known as Basel II.

It describes the regulatory tools that are available in Basel II and the risks that are covered and not covered, while also explaining the ICAAP and capital management. Following this detailed overview, the course focuses on the financial crisis and how Basel II’s weaknesses were highlighted as a result, and what regulators planned in response, i.e. Basel III. The workshop combines theoretical training with a hands-on application via an internet-based simulator. This simulator, designed by SimArch, is one of the most advanced and comprehensive available anywhere in the world and has been used by a large number of internationally renowned banks. The Risk simulation program used is called InterB@nk 3, which is designed to enhance the business acumen of personnel involved in financial risk management within commercial banks. The simulation exposes participants to the major risks faced by banks in today’s volatile environment and provides them the opportunity to identify and analyse these risks. Participants gain a better understanding of what actions are taken in order to mitigate risks.

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