Banking Management

The FirstB@nk 3 Bank Management Simulation Program.

The FirstB@nk 3 Bank Management Simulation Program is specifically designed to provide personnel within the Financial Services Sector with a solid understanding of the business of banking. The simulation program provides a powerful and engaging learning experience set in the context of a realistic and current banking environment. Banking personnel develop new skills and insights into what it takes to manage a commercial bank successfully in today’s competitive and volatile marketplace.


Of Our Banking Simulations

Flexible Designs

With over 200 variable parameters in each simulation, these can be easily adapted to suit a specific country and the client’s specific requirements.


All simulations can be run online, embedded into an existing training program, run as a stand-alone workshop or online self-study tool.


Our simulations are available 24/7 and support multiple browsers and devices.


We firmly believe that people learn best by doing our banking simulations enable people to directly apply new knowledge, insights and skills in realistic and relevant workplace scenarios. This inspires new ways of thinking, builds critical capabilities and enhances job efficiency.


All our banking simulations are developed around real life banking scenarios that provide an engaging learning experience in which participants are immersed into a real environment where they are required to make important decisions and analyse the impact of these decisions to deliver success in each quarter.

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