ICAP Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Icap Training Solutions

ICAP Training Solutions provides relevant, quality educational courses for the financial services sector across Africa.

Our proven, solutions-oriented training programmes are designed to contribute to the growth and development of strong, sustainable markets throughout the continent.

Working in close co-operation with our clients, we are able to tailor all our programmes to each client’s individual requirements, while ensuring that each course develops the highest standards and establishes best market practices among participants. Our online workshops ensure that theoretical knowledge is transformed into valuable, practical skills, improving staff efficiency and productivity and providing a measurable return on investment by helping to develop valuable human resource assets.

An innovative approach to training and skills development has led ICAP to becoming the preferred training partner for several of Africa’s leading financial services institutions, including the Financial Markets Development Company and the  Frontclear Foundation in Kenya, Gabon, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda. We were also responsible for custom-designing the training academies at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and FMDQ Over The Counter Exchange in Nigeria.

Online Learning

We believe that the keys to our success are the built-in features of every interactive lesson we produce.

Our expertise is the creation of multimedia, integrated learning programmes that utilise education technology to enhance the student’s learning experience, while simultaneously leveraging the expertise and knowledge of the teacher/expert.

We believe that the keys to our success are the built-in features of every interactive lesson we produce. Each lesson requires the hands-on involvement of the learner and promote participation through multi-sensory integration, comprehensive testing and feedback.

Through activities such as filling-in missing words to answering multiple-choice questions or dropping or dragging text into various fields, the learner’s understanding of the lesson is continuously evaluated to provide on-going assessment and solutions.

Video clips bring the lesson to life, stimulating the learner’s senses and enhancing memory skills. Online revision and exam facilities reinforce the entire learning experience.

Sophisticated tracking systems monitor and diagnose the learning process at every level. Our central aim is to add value to learners by generating enhanced learner understanding, which results in higher standards and improved exam results.

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