Due to social distancing and repeated flare-ups with the COVID virus, we’ve had to take a safety first approach for both our facilitators and delegates, and will therefor only be running online training until it’s 100% safe to conduct classroom based training again. This could only be 2022 as current reports indicate that any roll out of vaccines in Africa will be very slow, and unlikely to have much effect till late 2021/ 2022. As soon as we get the green light, we’ll schedule dates for face to face training.

To meet your training needs we have added additional online workshops which are delivered by live webinar so you can combine the convenience of e-learning with live interaction with expert facilitators.

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Types of Study



ICAP Training Solutions is a pioneer in online learning for the financial services industry in Africa. We offer a series of well-constructed, user-friendly courses designed to upskill people operating at all levels – from management to sales, and front- to back-office environments.  All our eLearning courses can be accessed on the learner’s device of choice – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once registered, learners work through courses at their own pace, in their own time. All courses are supported on the website.



All structured learning has a theoretical base but research and experience has taught us that practical learning is easier as information is more quickly absorbed and applied in the workplace. Working in association with our partner SimArch, We offer a range of simulated banking and financial work situations which have been tested and proven to be of significant benefit to participants. Our ‘real-life’ simulations are based on the integration of research, mathematical probabilities and actual scenarios.



Our face-to-face workshops are interactive in nature, with case studies and class exercises to keep delegates engaged and enhance the learning experience. You can either join a scheduled public workshop, where you can interact with delegates from various organisations within your field or we can run any of these workshops in-house at your premises. With in-house workshops, we can tailor the workshop to meet your specific needs, with our facilitators working directly with you to customise the course.

What Our Clients Say


ACI Dealing Certificate – July 2018

 I’ve participated in many training sessions - this was the most dynamic.
Standard Chartered bank Botswana - Dealer

Technical Analysis Masterclass – September 2018

Comment: Insightful – Learnt about new progressive technology and gained a better understanding of Technical Analysis & Charts

Stanbic Bank Kenya - Interest Rates Trader


ALM practical application Simulation – April 2019

The training was very informative with regards teaching me to clearly understand the client’s needs, and offering various scenarios and products that will befit the client.Bank One Mauritius - Head of Treasury


ACI Dealing Certificate , Online Blended Solution June 2019

The facilitator was and patiently addresses questions

Amana Bank Tanzania - Treasury Sales Dealer


Treasury Sales – June 2019

“If you want to stand out of the crowd, this is the workshop that you should attend”

MAU bank Mauritius – Treasury Dealer


Technical Analysis Simulation (October 2018) – Trader – Cargill RSA

The simulation gives the course an edge due to the fact that we are hands on and it's not a one man show and reading a hand out.